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The Wiemerslage Law Offices provides legal services in the following areas, among others: commercial debt collection (including litigation), information technology (including software licensing), and commercial transactions (drafting and negotiating contracts).



     Commercial Debt Collection


Companies extend credit to their commercial and consumer customers and vendors in the normal course of business, such as Net 30, as do banks. However, in today's economy, some debtors may choose to delay or refuse to pay the amounts due, harming your own business credit. The Wiemerslage Law Office can help businesses in several ways: 1) review and revise your contracts to increase your legal rights in case of a default, 2) negotiate with your debtors, and 3) sue to collect on the outstanding debts. For more information on this area of practice, click here.



     Information Technology


Businesses that want to license or develop software, or contract for third party development of software, will find Mr. Wiemerslage's skills and expertise as an information technology attorney very useful, especially in drafting and negotiating many types of I.T. contracts and statements of work. Your business may have intellectual property that could be licensed to receive royalties. For more information on this area of practice, click here.



     Commercial Law


Companies often need contracts drafted and negotiated with their customers and suppliers. It is important to have good legal assistance so legal issues and risks are discussed with you and addressed as needed in the contracts. Contract negotiations should be used to make sure both parties have the same understanding of their own and the other party's rights and obligations, to reduce disputes later. Sometimes the party fails to comply with the contract, perhaps refusing to pay. The Wiemerslage Law Office can review your contract, advise you of your strenghts and weaknesses, and help negotiate an appropriate settlement. If an appropriate settlement cannot be reached, the this law firm can litigate on your behalf to recover money or property.





For assistance in commercial debt collection and litigation, information technology (including software licensing), and commercial transactions, contact the Wiemerslage Law Office.