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Debt Collection

Overdue Bills

Banks and businesses grant commercial loans to their business customers, but in today's economy, borrowers sometimes try to hang on to that money longer than permitted under the loan agreement. But the borrower's failure to repay hurts the lender's business, cash flow and ability to serve its other customers and borrowers. If you need a legal review of the loan transaction, followed by the attorney's letter to the borrower, and then litigation if necessary, contact the Wiemerslage Law Office.


     Notice to Consumer Debtors


If you have received a communications from me regarding a debt you owe to one of my clients, take notice that I am attempting to collect a debt and that any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

         Commercial Lenders


    Commercial and Industrial Businesses Sometimes Need Debt Collection Services that include Litigation

    • Legal Services Helping Businesses and Financial Institutions Recover Their Business Loans
    • This Firm use Attorney Pre-Litigation Notice Letters
      • Gives Debtor last chance to enter into payment plan
    • Litigation - Pre-Judgment Litigation starts with making sure the client's documentation of the debt is in order, then filing the Complaint with the goal of obtaining a Judgment for the client for the principal, accrued and accruing interest, attorney fees and court costs if supported in the documentation and law
    • Litigation - Post-Judgment starts with obtaining a lien on the judgment debtor's real estate and proceeds with interrogatories to discover the debtor's assets, a debtor's exam to discover assets, garnishment of bank accounts and salaries/wages, levy on assets, etc.
    • Collection is Essential - A business cannot continue to serve its customers if its customers do not pay their debts back to the business.

         Banks and Credit Institutions


    Legal Support - This law firm supports banks and other financial institutions in their collection effort to recover debts owed to them.


         Collection Agencies


    Legal Support - This law firm also supports collection agencies in their collection efforts by providing pre-litigation notice letters and litigation when debtors do not reach appropriate settlements with the collection agency.


         Law Firm Referrals


    Legal Support - Some law firms' rates may not make collection efforts worthwhile for some collections. This law firm may be a cost effective alternative to larger law firms to providing services at a loss to favored clients or to declining taking on a client. This law firm is happy to work through the larger law firm so that the client is served while the larger law firm keeps the client for other legal services.


         Business Collection Needs


    Legal Support - Businesses often have business and consumer customers who fail to pay for goods and services, sometimes claiming contractual disputes as an excuse to not pay in full. The Wiemerslage Law Office can review contractual disputes to see if collection efforts are worth pursuing.


         Types of Debt Collection


    This law firm is dedicated to commercial and industrial debt collection. This law office does not handle consumer debt collection cases subject to the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that is, cases involving transactions " in which the money, property, insurance or services which are the subject of the transaction are primarily for personal, family, or household purposes...."


         State-Wide Collection Services


    The Wiemerslage Law Office serves business clients throughout the State of Colorado as well as the Houston, TX metropolitan area.


         Legal Fees


    Depending on the client and facts of the case, this law firm may take work on a contingency fee basis or on a flat-fee basis with payments for the various stages of the litigation as they occur. A flat-fee arranement can save the client money if the debtor resolves the debt before the litigation proceeds very far. The client can also save money by not having to pay a percentage of the collected debt.



         Why Use this Law Firm?


    Integrity - Wiemerslage Law Office is a Colorado and Texas law firm licensed by the Colorado and Texas Supreme Court and insured. Its owner has been licensed to practice law since 1974. The Law Office has skilled personnel and competitive rates with a record of effectiveness. It is fully computerized, both with its client records and with a computerized database for the debtors' information for quickly preparing court filings. The law firm is responsive to clients' needs and special requests.


         Representative Clients


    The Wiemerslage Law Office provides regular commercial debt collection for a sizable interestate commercial bank.

    Another client is a full service third party interstate collection agency headquartered in the State of Washington that provides collection services for a variety of creditors.